July 5, 2014

Google Procured Songza Music Streaming Service

Weeks before Google procured Songza’s music streaming service located in long island city. The agreement has been done among the both companies but exact Terms of agreement, hasn’t been disclosed by the companies. Still nothing is announced about the payment given to the Songza by Google. But according to some rumors it is like “A house brimful of Dollars”. On another side some rumors are reaching to ears are 35 Million $ or 15 Million $ Google is going to pay to Songza.

Songza is situated in long island city. The company emanated in 2007 by a group of expertise which was designated in such a way that it can learn when, where and what a person would like to listen. Songza learns the mood of user, weather, season, time and date and put together the playlists for user accordingly. For example if person is sad and it’s raining outside the Songza will put forward the playlists according to the mood of user. This work is done by some Dj’s musician and music players not by any type of algorithm or software.

Few weeks before the agreement of Google with Songza, Apple joined hands with beat to recuperate its music services and paid 3 Billion to Beat. Then, now, it was the time for google to step forward to ameliorate its music services for human curation.

Unlike Pandora, beats and Spotify who use algorithm to enhance their music services, Songza  do it by their Dj’s, and music expertise who judge the mood of their user first and then put the best playlists for them.

Songza is a few years old company but it has got 5.5 Million users in few years and generated 6.7 Million $ of funds from many top ranked companies like Amazon, Gary Vaynerchuk, Scooter Brawn, Deep fork Capital, Lerer Ventures and David Hirsch.

As the details of Google-Songza agreement has not been disclosed yet but according to latest speculations Songza will stay in Long island city for a month and then will move forward to New York City Head Quarter of Google.

In their agreement ceremony Google and Songza said that no changes will be made promptly after shifting Songza to New York City Head Quarter of Google instead they will make it smarter faster and more funkier to use. Songza expertise will be set onto job in Google music services and Youtube.

According to Google exact terms of agreement will be disclosed soon before the launch of Songza in Google HQ.

Image: MobileGeeks

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