September 15, 2013

Google is Preparing "Bomb" For The Entertainment Industry

The top Internet company Google is the set of innovations and is rumored to release a game console that could compete with the Sony Playstation 4 and X-Box One.

While there is no exact information on this point, but some enthusiasts have already wondering how it will look and operate the device. The concept of this gadget called Google Nexus Orbit is introduced by designer Joseph Dyumeri. In his view, the console can be connected to four TV screens at the same time with the help of technology DPConnect advanced at a maximum distance of 7.5 meters. The connection is wireless. With the help of Google Glass glasses you can record video by scanning the bar code. Also console will connect to the first social network for gamers and game developers to share screenshots, watch videos and so on. For those who have foreign friends, on the Google Nexus Orbit provides the function of translation, converting voice to text. The whole idea is very nice, however, it is unknown whether Google will use this for itself.


Credits: RBC

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