Google Picasa Image/Photo Service Closed


Google Inc. has decided to abandon the once popular store photos Picasa Web Albums, and move all the data to the social network Google+.

According to TSN, in technical support Google now says that Google+ is a “new home for your photos.”

Picasa for Linux
Picasa for Linux (Photo credit: Richard & Samantha Paul)

Now when you try to view the Web Albums service, the browser goes to a user profile in Google+, in which there are albums from Picasa Web Albums. Moreover, the IT-company replaced the link to the Picasa Web Albums Google+ in the navigation menu on the resource, which is used for access to Google.

Recall: the decision to close the store Picasa took last spring, in order to focus on more promising projects. Analysts believe that the way Google implements policies to optimize resources, which began in April 2011, when the armchair CEO IT giant took Larry Page. Since then, the company has closed dozens of projects, including Google Buzz, Google Desktop, Google Labs, Knol and others.

Picasa Web Albums has been one of the few services that allow users to restrict access to albums and upload photos at full size. From now on, if you want to create a photo album in Picasa, the user will be redirected to a section of your account Google+.