Google Opens Online Music Store


Google is in talks with major Owners to Launch Music Service, Reports the Financial Times. In the Event of such a Product Could Become a competitor Google, Amazon and Apple, Which Has Already ITS Own Music platform on the Internet. Of Domestic companies is Almost no one could make money on such content – users prefer pirated recording.

Internet giant expects the new Service through ad Increased Revenue, says the publication. They Now Account for About 95% of the Revenue Google. The Company Also Will offer a subscription to Download Music, Listen to Songs Will be Free.

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If Google Has access to a Huge Library of Songs, IT CAN create Serious competition for Amazon and Apple, Who Already have Their Music Portals on the Web. iTunes Internet Service, owned by Apple, Monetizing content by downloading Music. Solution Amazon Cloud Player Makes a mobile application downloading and subscription to unlimited music listening.

According to Strategy Analytics analyst Ed Barton, who leads the Financial Times, Google can preset a new product for mobile phones and tablets Nexus, which are produced by himself. The company may also add a service to a number of “mandatory” applications for its platform Android, as well as the Apple iTunes service included in all iPhone.

Google Has Already tried to engage in the Sale of Music on the Internet. In November 2011, the Company entered into a licensing agreement with the alliance of music content owners Armonia in Europe, which allows you to distribute the music of Android users in 35 countries . Free Application CAN be downloaded for no More than one Song a Day. But soon Google was forced to close IT in five European Countries.

In Russia, a Similar Business model Proved to be too costly and inefficient. Yota In July 2012 Has closed the Service of selling Music “Yota Music.” For four years, the Project does not Pay back the Investment in costly Contracts with Owners.At Yota was the Library of 01.04 Million Songs. Also in 2012, a Music Resource ceased to exist. He Could not Compete with Social Network “VKontakte”, Which is available for Free to Listen to a Huge Library of Custom content.

The Most Famous Russian Music Service of “Yandex” places the Track Only Legally and Provides the Opportunity to Listen to Music for Free, Explained in the Internet Company. now He Has 7.32 Million Songs in ITS Library. They Own the Rights to Universal, Warner , EMI, Orchard, etc.