May 3, 2016

Google Sent 4 Million Notifications About Search Engine Spam

Google recently shared their success in the fight against web spam on their corporate blog. Google has always been very active in terms of creating Algorithm to stop Spams and manipulative content websites.

Spam-Fighting Efforts

Representatives of the company said that for 2015 the number of deceptive sites grew by 180%, compared to the previous year. When website publishers or developers want to gain quick popularity by filling cheap, poor-quality content for the sake of linking, which were looked closely and websites were penalised.

According to Google, there is a huge number of website increase with low-quality content which only consist of low-quality content or rather which has no value. People use scraping techniques to copy the content of other websites in order to gain traffic.

Google Webspam Report

The fight spam led engineers to develop and launch the corresponding algorithms in October 2015. After a few months they have successfully suppressed the majority of spam networks, sending out with information on penalties imposed 4.3 million webmasters worldwide.

All penalties were tame so that they can be removed by correcting the problems identified. Due to this the owners of compromised websites have the ability not to lose the previously-earned reputation and keep their sites at the same positions. After "cleaning" which was marked by an increased number of revisions and requests regarding those penalties.

There were approximately 400 thousand spam reports received about the content around the world, out of which 65% have sufficiently been acted upon. Out of those examined were 80% of the resources were marked for intensive web spam.

Google Working with Webmasters to Better Content Juice

According to Google, 35,000 Webmaster Top contributors have successfully answered 10,000 questions and issues regarding Web Spam. Adding to that 56 Webmaster Top Contributors joined Google in Top Contributor Summit explaining the best ways to improve their webmaster forum and services to help our the webmasters.

The full report can be found in the Google's official webmasters blog .

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