April 26, 2014

Google is Preparing a $82 Million on its Own Airport

In the futuristic project Google Glass, dedicated to innovative augmented reality glasses co-founder Sergey Brin is regularly seen in public, wearing one of the neat working prototypes. In particular, he recently boasted these glasses in the subway. But not so simple the company, as it was known at the moment  Google is interested in the opportunity to build its own airport. Yes its true they are interested in building the airport just to bring an innovation in the history of companies having their own airports.

It is assumed that the airport Google will be built in the city of San Jose (USA, pieces. Calif.), it will cost the company $ 82 million. Project development and construction of the object assigned to Signature Aviation, the customer stands Blue City Holdings, the brand represents Google . It will be a full-fledged airport serving only aircraft owned by, and for posting guidelines provide a separate terminal.
By the way, nothing surprising in this initiative is not, as of 2011 available to Google was 8 own aircraft, and there is no doubt that by now the size of the fleet has grown. But the work of Google is its own airport since 2005.

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