Google Investing $500 Million USD in Promoting Smartphone Moto X

The Internet Giant

Google Inc. plans to invest in the promotion of its smartphone Moto X about $500 million USD in new smartphone manufactured jointly by Google and Motorola and will be sold not only in the U.S. but also outside the country. The output device is expected in this autumn.

Moto X will treat the flagship devices and compete not only with the iPhone, but with the Galaxy S4 and HTC One. According to Dennis Woodside (Head of Motorola Mobility) a new device “will be in touch with what is going on around it” in addition to this, the manufacturer has determined that the device will be able to interact with a large number of devices than existing devices. “The smartphone can guess in advance the needs of the user,” – he said.

Inside the smartphone will be located sensors (Gyroscope and Accelerometer), which initially will be included and will constantly monitor the machine, so it would be smart to understand whether it is in your pocket, on the table, or is in a car that travels at a speed of 100 km / hour. Based on this, the phone will offer to run certain applications.

In Motorola promised that their device will be cheaper from iPhone 5 and allow the user to join the massive functionality, which is now present mainly in smartphones higher price category.

Woodside says that most of the higher price range of smartphones sold at a margin of 50% or higher, but Moto X will going to be a different sales strategy. In the end, the machine must be to provoke and other manufacturers to lower the level of prices. The head of the company said that the device itself will be assembled in the U.S. Texas, but about 70% of its components will be shipped from Asia.

Earlier, there were reports according to which the Moto X will be fully American gadget, its assembly will take place only in the United States.