Google Introduced the Application to Collect Donations OneToday


Google has introduced a mobile application One Today, dedicated to the collection of donations for charitable purposes, writes The Verge.

One Today offers to transfer funds to a particular purpose, for example, for scholarships for students from Laos or conservation program rhino populations.Campaigns are changing every day. Appendix eventually adapts to the user and shows him the campaigns that match their interests.

The amount of donation in One Today is fixed at one dollar. To list a smaller or larger amount can not. Payments are made through Google Wallet. Information about making a donation you can share on social networks.

Non-profit organizations that collect funds for charitable purposes, can take part in the project by registering on the website One Today.

While the application is One Today is only available in the United States and only on the platform Android. To use the program, you must enter the code from the invitations, which can be found on Google. The company does not specify, whether the program will be released in other countries.

Charitable Campaign organizes and Apple – it raises funds through the online store iTunes. Users typically can transfer from five to two hundred dollars. Campaigns are most frequently associated to the victims of natural disasters – such as Hurricane “Sandy” or the earthquake in Haiti.

While the application is One Today is only available for users in the United States and only for devices with the platform Android.