May 22, 2016

Google Introduced a Home Voice Assistant

Google introduced Home Voice Assistant at the Google I/O press conference in the city of Mountain View (CA). The company conducted a direct broadcast of the event on the official website.

The device is a cylindrical speaker with a sloping top panel, on which the LEDs are arranged and equipped with always-on microphones.

Google Home Voice Assistant

Google Home is able to answer questions from users, using the Google's search algorithm, and include music, playing on other PC Speaker connected to the home network. Following the voice commands, the Home Assistant can control household appliances such as lamps, thermostats and alarms.

In the future it will be possible to make purchases using the gadget. Imagine, you give instructions to buy grocery and Google bots delivering the items to your doorstep.

Google Home has a modular design, which allows the owner to change the colour scheme of the device. Thus, it is possible to make a suitable interior. According to the developers, the gadget goes on sale in 2016.

With the current functionality, Google Home Voice Assistant becomes a competitor - a clever line of Amazon, received with general availability in the summer of 2015.

It is also able to control appliances and play music by voice command.

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