Google has released its analogue Siri for iOS


Now google , search personal assistant, is now available to users of the iPhone and iPad. Unlike the Android-version , Now on Apple-devices built into the app Google Search – help can be obtained only in this application. Otherwise, the functions for both versions of the operating system are almost identical.

Google Now came to us straight from the future. By studying data from calendar, address book, browser, log browsing, search history, the application makes a conclusion about what information the user may be required at the moment (the right information at just the right time). Assistant reminds you of traffic jams when he brushes his teeth before work, warns of impending flight time gives news computations related to that topic. All this is implemented in the form of cards that appear at the right time.

On Android all the information appears on the screen instantly – just get the phone out of Karaman, you can learn how played “Zenith”, where you can eat your favorite nearby Boeuf stroganoff for dinner, what to wear tomorrow. On iOS for the same will have to go to Google Search – the system does not allow to introduce a similar add-in (remember, this was one of the obstacles to the emergence of iOS Facebook Home).

Now give a clear reason to grumble skeptics and supporters of conspiracy theories: one Reddit user said that “personal assistant” on Google figured out his home address in three days. Agitated victim of high technology clarifies that for all time any data were not entered into the search engine. Of course, the algorithm in this case is obvious – if the phone spends the night in the same place, then it is most likely, and a home. Having made ​​such a simple conclusion, the algorithm is able to create a route from the bar to the front when it is needed.

It is difficult to say that Google Now – a direct competitor to Siri, because its capabilities were greater than its own development Apple, which does not have the gift of prophecy. Rather, the two systems complement each other – a pleasant female voice of Siri is able to give information on one simple click of a button Home; Now more difficult to get to, but he knows about the host number is greater than he.