June 16, 2013

Google has a 56% share of the mobile advertising market

Google being "The Big G" is growing its web not only in the world of internet but in the network of mobiles as well. Being the Top Online Advertising Company of the world, now Google has taken next level step in the market of Mobile Advertising.

Google Inc. this year will receive proceeds from the placement of mobile advertising in the amount of 8.8 billion, which is more than all other competitors combined Google and 92% higher than revenue in 2012, according to marketing firm eMarketer. We are talking about net revenue advertising platform, that is, after the payment sites and partner agencies.



In total, according to forecasts, this year the turnover of the mobile advertising market will reach about $ 16 billion, that is, Google is here 56% stake. In 2012, the turnover of mobile advertising on Google sites totaled $ 4.6 billion, giving the company a 52% share of the market.

In second place with 13% was listed social network Facebook, which over the years has increased its stake here three times. In third place with only 2.5% of the market in the U.S. is a popular Internet radio service Pandora. At Twitter - 1,95%.

In addition, eMarkter notes that Google will receive about $ 39 billion in digital advertising, which is 12% more than in 2012. Facebook will receive a 5% market share, Yahoo - 2%.

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