March 12, 2013

Google Demonstrated the First Application for Google Glass

Recently, Google began to actively promote the project wearable computer Google Glass in the mass. Under the popularization of electronic glasses company demonstrated the first application for them at the conference SXSW Interactive, reports The Verge . In particular, Google Gmail, and showed the client application to Path, Evernote and the New York Times. News program can notify the user when interesting topics, the tape includes both text and photos. All controlled by standard gestures for glasses.

Postal service within Google Glass not only allows read important email (the company recommends preset filter system), but also to respond to the letter, require immediate response from the user. Text of the letter dictated to vote.


As for Evernote, then demonstrated the use of the scheme involves working with Skitch, where to send interesting or important shots. When there is access to a computer or smartphone, you can graphically mark the right moment and save the picture locally or send it.

02-2--GGlass SXSW

Adapted to the Glass client for social network Path allows you to make an interesting picture, mark it accordingly mood emoticons and publish on the Internet. In addition, you can view and tag pictures of friends.

Basically Google showed services related to social activity, and was one of the journalists from the burning question: " Why should I Glass, if I do not want to mess about with all this junk? '. Answer it from Google developer Timothy Jordan (Timothy Jordan): « Do not be limited to just social networking. We want to choose those services that enhance your life . " Actually, the use of diagrams in Google Glass countless and it runs only in software support. The company has created Mirror API and now the word for third-party developers.

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