Google Chocolate Android OS Version: Honoring Kit Kat


Google has already been using edible names for different Android platforms. This times its getting more delicious name. Yes!  A new version of the Android platform has repeatedly called in honor of the popular sweets and yet named for – Kit Kat as it was also reported on the official website of the company.

Near the campus of Google Android is a statue of the glaze, and Kit Kat even took off his infomercial. And do not immediately understand what we are talking about a simple chocolate bar: “Going to the network, you can take it with you anywhere, even at work. Extremely sharp, its only 10 mm in thickness, the length of one finger and the width of four. ”

The company has repeatedly called in honor of the release of the popular sweets. So, Android has already had the name cupcake, donuts and even ginger cookies.

“I think this is just another reason to talk, once PR, which is not bad – says Media. But in general, in a strange way. It’s one thing to do co-branding phones, and another thing – give some electronic gadget for the generic name of the operating system version. I do not know, of course, geeks eat many sweets, and now Kit Kat things go twice as good. In general, it is rather an element of viral marketing. ”

Director directions Android global partnerships John Lagerling said the decision was spontaneous, and joked that already preparing for the dismissal. Previously, the most likely name for the new operating system has long been considered Key Lime Pie.


Credits: Android statue of the glaze. Photo: / + SundarPichai / posts

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