September 27, 2013

Google Celebrates 15th Birthday With Playable Piñata Doodle Game

Google's birthday has always been a mystery and unknown. But as per internet resources, its been decided to celebrate the Google's Birthday on 27th of September. This year again Google celebrates 15th Birthday in a special way.

Yes obviously this brings a new Google Doodle for 15th Birthday. They have always been working in the digital world for the betterment of internet and resources,  technology, mobiles and smartphones, advertising and much more...

For the year 2013, they have made a Doodle game that can be played on the same homepage of the browser the famous Pinata Game (Piñata Game)

Players control the letter “g” with the spacebar, while one of the “o’s” takes on the role of a star-shaped piñata.

You then proceed to violently beat the letter “o” with a multi-colored stick as it spills candy all over the ground.

You get 10 multicolored sticks which can not only be played via spacebar, but you can also play it with the mouse clicks.

It’s just another example of how video games promote violence for candy. And really, it’s the children who will be most impacted by these violent images. Well I personally managed to get 135 candies, lets see how much you got.

In related news, Google also celebrated their 15th year by updating their search code, code-naming the revamped search “Hummingbird

Previously celebrations were made on different dates like discussed on searchenginewatch:

Here's a look back at how Google has celebrated its birthday through the years:

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