December 4, 2013

Google Bought 7 Companies To Develop New Generation Robots

Google Inc. bought seven companies to develop a new generation of robots in the last six months as clearly mentioned in The New York Times. Director of the new company's project was one of the developers of the Android platform, Andy Rubin. However, he did not disclose any plans for Google's use of robots, but notes that the first released copies are likely to be used in assembly plants, and also sent to the logistics department.

"On their specific plans Google is silent, however, the scale of investment, which has not previously been reported, suggesting that this is not just a nice research project" - the article says.

Among the acquired companies have Google Japanese Schaft, engaged in creation of humanoid robots, and the American Industrial Perception, which specializes in the development of computer vision systems. Additionally, Togo, Google Bought Companies Meka Robotics and Redwood Robotics, Bot & Dolly, Autofuss and Holomni.

Credits: VestiFinance

It is quite worth noting that similar products are already available in the market, so Google is not an innovator in this project. Previously, the company introduced Rethink Robotics robot Baxter, designed to work on the assembly line, and the Chinese collector Foxconn already started to use robots in their factories.

But innovation plays in this issue is not a major role, because it is solely about the machines that will be used in the production of and transportation of various equipment within the company. Yet for general consumers, these developments are not yet been declared. However, Google is clearly trying to play on prestige, believing that robots can serve as a good marketing ploy, demonstrating high-tech internal processes.

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