May 18, 2016

Google Banner Ads in Image Searches

Google introduces banners with advertisements on the page dedicated search for images. Soon, banners ads will just not only appear in Google Search queries but also dedicated search page search engine for images. Thus, the online giant proposes the direct purchase of the desired product from viewing the relevant images.

For example, if you search for images "Smartphone Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge", in addition to photos with the device on certain websites, advertisements will appear for various flagship mobile operators or retailers.

Google comes as the standard process followed by Google Search where users are looking for a particular product and offering them the opportunity to go directly to the desired product without the need for an additional visit for consultation offer a speciality store.

For the project to be successful, the ads displayed will be tailored to the region where the user is located, giving priority to local shops. Visitors can find out if a store does not allow or taking the product directly from the store, and a separate panel will enable rapid consultation of product offer.

Finally, this way of promotion should exempt visitors visits long in stores, allowing finding and adding the product to the shopping cart in one step, although how purchasing varies from one user to another, and suggestions offered Google through the advertisements may not be enough.

In my opinion, this will help Google to provide a better opportunity for online stores to sell their products directly and quickly. But in doing so, apparently, the CPC and CPM cost will increase because this ad will increase the chance of selling product promptly and also there was no ad appearing on Google Images searches. Now Google is showing Ads on regular web search, YouTube, Gmail, Mobile Ads (Via Android SDK and APK as well) and Google Images.

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