Google Announced Chromebook Pixel Notebook


Google is now one of the most leading technology innovator in my perspective, recently they introduced the Google Glass technology. Today, Google has announced its new laptop  Chromebook Pixel , with which it intends to change the attitude towards all, as previously all devices on cloud technology from Google, including clouds, positioned as a low cost.

Google announced Chromebook Pixel notebook

Chromebook Pixel is included in the list is expensive and Devices Fully corresponds to Them in the Future plan to Actively Compete with the Apple MacBook . Although, of Course, a new device for Chrome OS is just More than anything apple Laptops and Similar in appearance. Laptop Case – a stylish and durable, made of anodized aluminum. Display, Which CAN Compete in quality with the Retina Famous, 1TB on a Cloud of Google, Good Technical characteristics and parameters of Performance. Stands as a miracle from 1299 to 1449 for $ 32 and 64 Gb versions respectively.

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