January 17, 2016

Google Announced Apps Promo Codes in Playstore

Promo codes have always been associated with iOS. Promo codes had been the highly requested features by Android developers. Now finally Google has stepped ahead and officially launched promo codes for its apps for the very first time. Now the developers of Android are provided with promo codes. Currently it is not free for all, might be it is in a testing phase. At present there are certain limitations on promo codes.

Not all the apps on Play store are free of cost. Some are cheap in few bucks but some of them are very costly. Some applications have in built app purchases which are coming according to premium features or items but some apps are only allowed to download from Playstore after the successful purchase.

For all those who cannot afford these apps, promo codes can be used as an alternative.

What are Promo Codes??

According to Google, “Promo codes provides developers the opportunity to give away free of cost their content and features to a limited number of users. After promo code is created it allows the developer to hand out application according to terms of services. Users only have to enter the promo code in app store and they can use it simply free of cost.”

Creation of promo codes

Promo codes can be created via Google Play Developer Console. Each promo code is associated with a particular application only. Users can make use of promo codes in either of the two ways described below.

  • Promo codes can be entered by user in the normal purchase flow. For apps this is a normal purchase method. Users use promo codes rather than the money for payment for purchasing apps
  • Promo codes can be reused in Google Play Store app. After user enters promo code, play store takes them to open up the app, download app or update app

How many codes can be created??

For a particular app up to 500 codes can be created. For that purpose combination of paid app and in-app promo codes can be used. Once a promotion is created number of promo codes cannot be changed.

What happens to promo codes once they are expired?

Some of the options to deal with expiration are as follows.

  • New codes

After expiration of promo codes, 500 more promo codes can be created again.

  • Unused codes

If 500 promo codes are not utilized within the validity period, they cannot be accessed in the next duration. Unused codes cannot be used in the next duration.

  • Processed codes

Promo codes can be used by users until they are not expired. Promotions can last up to one year.

How to prepare your app ready for promotion

If you want to make promo codes for in-app purchases integration of in-app Promotions with the app is to be done. If the application is inactive then promo codes cannot be used for your app.

Time duration

Promo codes are in control of developers. They have been provided with the option of setting up the expiry dates of promo codes. Promo codes have the validity period of 1 year. Apart from this the developers can even pause the promotion if desired.


Promo codes are not totally free of cost yet. There are certain limitations placed on developers. Some of them are listed below.

  • Developers can create a total of 500 promo codes
  • Once expired the unused codes cannot be used in the next interval
  • Developers can distribute these codes in app store and for any sort of game or application
  • Codes are not provided for subscription type content
  • Discount options are not yet available for everyone


Promo codes are initially developed by Google. It will take a lot of time to make this feature entirely functional. Developers will get more benefits from this feature and ultimately will give away more benefits to the users as well.

Writer: Sidra Aleem | Editor: Naveed A. Lodhi | Images: HongKiat

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