December 4, 2015

Google Adwords: Test the App before Installing it

In November 2015 Google introduced a technology that allows you to run the application directly from the search without having to install it on your mobile device.

Now the company has announced an advertising format by which a developer can offer the user to test the service without installing the application.

Service called Trial Run Ad allows you to launch applications directly from its pages in the app store. The user is given 60 seconds for it to try the service, if you like it, you can hit the Install button on the top. This is a very good way for both Users and Advertisers, because Advertisers were charged higher even the user uninstalled the application or user just wanted to test the application.

Now if the user is 100% sure that he/she is interested in the clicked application then they can install the application otherwise they can close the app.

Trial Run Ad, is likely to be popular with games, explained in the edition of The Next Web. This format allows the user to get acquainted with the game before its installation, and developers - to attract not only the player screenshots and video, but also to the gameplay.

In addition, Google has introduced full-screen banners, which by using HTML5 technology, you can create interactive image galleries. Both formats are in the testing phase and currently only available to a limited number of advertisers.

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