December 14, 2013

Google has Added New Features to Maps for iOS

Google has released an update of its Maps mapping service platform for iOSYou can easily upgrade the already installed mobile application with new features.

So, the iPhone and iPad owners can now view information about airports directly to Google Maps. Now you can get information about the arrival and departure of aircraft and book your flight.

Also, using a mobile application you can now find the hotel and book a room at the hotel. Another new feature - it is an opportunity to book a table at the restaurant.

Thus, access to all three major functions are for travelers - with the help of Google Maps, you can embark on a journey to find, where to stay and eat.

In addition, the application will make all of your orders and reservations to your calendar, of course, after only if you enter data in your Google account in the application. It is very convenient because it saves the user from having to duplicate information in the calendar - everything happens automatically. Earlier this year, a similar function appeared on the desktop version of the service.

As for the interface, slightly but significant changes are found. Moreover, at first glance a visual interface remained exactly the same.

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