July 29, 2015

GoDaddy Servers are down since many hours now

GoDaddy servers are down not only in some areas or some countries, but I think this is a major issue now. Thousands of people and users are getting annoyed at their services. And many of the people are thinking of moving their all accounts to some other hosting which can provide better services and must have backup servers. Thousands (1000's) of websites are facing downtime now in nearly all the countries.


This is not a small thing, our 30+ websites are gone in a split of seconds and it's been hours there is no sign and hope of how much more time it will take to go up and running. Few of the comments which people are having for GoDaddy services are:



Nidhi Maitrya Sethi ·

Godaddy!Please fix this soon. Waiting anxiously.

Akshta Agarwal ·

website is down from last one hour

Dhaval Shah ·

My site is off too frown emoticon

Alex Matas Guiot ·

Just as I sent a campaign email... thangs GD!!!


My site is off too.

BD Pinheiro

My site is off

Nicolas Mallo ·

thanks GD, my day sucks
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John Freeman ·

Site's not down but image links aren't working properly
Yorp... Our site is still down. Is there any news?

Brian Scramlin ·

I have a client previewing their website this morning... Hope fixed soon.

Katerina Sambevska

We have lost clients due to problem with the site. It's still down.
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Reid McCall ·

If you want fast updates, go to Media Temple and choose Support, then choose System Status, then subscribe to get email and text updates. Media Temple is owned by Godaddy and is facing the same issues.

Bruce Kremer ·

TickTockTickTock… Hope this question doesn’t backfire: If I (we?) were to change hosting from GD, what companies would you all suggest?

Yen Leidong ·

gomommy, maybe tongue emoticon
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Rehenuma Akhtar Tabassum ·

try Namecheap...best at everything to my opinion!! im leaving this crap soon!!!
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Greg Hollowell ·

For WordPress sites, WP Engine is top notch.
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Chris Jennings ·

Reading these comments I have a terrible feeling Go Daddy are about to lose a LOT of customers...myself included.
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Naveed A. Lodhi ·

I bet they will. Our 20 websites are closed bcz of this
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Marija Kocovska

My WordPress hosted website is down.
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Naveed A. Lodhi ·

20 of our websites gone down, waited for 1 hour on support chat none came still and after 45 minutes of hold connected to Call center. They said they can't compensate for the loss clients are facing.

Diell Dielli

still down...

Greg Hollowell ·

I just held 30 minutes for phone support to learn that "this is a known issue with one of our data centers. Our technicians are working to get you back online."

Phone support had no idea when it will be resolved, wouldn't give me any more information or alert of progress; didn't even know which data center.

Wow. This could be better.

Chris Jennings ·

Site down, just as traffic was high. Great, thanks for that.
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Patricia Sharpe ·

Still can't get in the back end though. Obviously some problems still.
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Warchief LhOng'st ·

Give my site back frown emoticon
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Patricia Sharpe ·

My site is BACK! So, it was down for just about an hour.
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Aaron Little ·

Yep, my sites are down too.

Matthew Borg Carr ·

My site is down aswell. I can't even access my files via my ftp client

Michael Gibson ·

i have multiple sites down

Tom Scott ·

My WordPress hosted website is down. Promakeupart.com

Patricia Sharpe ·

My Commercial website has been down since earning this morning. My site has been loading slowly all week. 45 minute queue when calling the help line. What's up? This is not good for Business.

Bruce Kremer ·

I like how THEIR website comes up (godaddy.com

), but not all of mine.

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Manmohan Mehto ·

GoDaddy should inform before doing any server maintenance.

Lori McCabe ·

One of my sites is down.


Go daddy servers are down our customers are not able to access our website. #godaddyserversdown

Sri Harsha

Non sense GoDaddy, not even picking up the calls.

David McKenzie

There is an issue with ssl certificates as well. This is going to be a very long day. I dont see them fixing this quickly. I feel sorry for tall those that had ads running, money down the drain.

Janos Nadudvari ·

Highly stressed! frown emoticon

Sourabh Kasliwal ·

I have like 25+ sites hosted on godaddy
all are down, these people are not even picking up the call

Sapna Rajput ·

I Am moving my all site to big rock
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Sourabh Kasliwal ·

Sapna Rajput you from big rock team, because you are replying to all posts
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Vaibhav Rao ·

Email service, cpanel, hosted websites all down.

Ajay Gautam ·

My website justwords.in not running now please resolved this

Joseph Nova ·

Some of my sites are up but my primary is down. sob!

Manav Mathur ·

Award winning 24/7 support. LOL.
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Hira Mahnoor ·

I have 2 websites on godaddy hosting. one is working good and other give error " CONNECTION HAS TIME OUT "...... frown emoticon

Tara Pmv Simone ·

losing me money and i can print customers orders no apologies or anything.absolute joke will be moving my site

Prabhu Success ·

customer support also shutting down !!!

Hira Mahnoor ·

My site is not opening frown emoticon Is this is due to godaddy server down ?

Viktor Sz ·

Don't worry, if you speak with support, that can't help atm.. here is my support response..

"We are currently aware of an issue with connecting to one of our data centers. We are currently working to resolve this issue. This is effecting a large amount of customers so the issue is top priority. We do not have an ETA at this moment."
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Sushmita Franklin

It's down but I can access emails only. Support phones are always busy

Terry Pochert ·

Yes, everything is down. I can access files and database through the account manager and am making backups of everything... ready to move to Hostgator.
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Sapna Rajput ·

Am too
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David McKenzie

I really hope this is not a major issue, I will be losing a lot of money out of this if the website wont be up soon
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John Grasso ·

My sites are down getting WP server error.

Spectacles King ·

Aggh sites are down, gives my customers a great impression of us! Sort it out godaddy!
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Sanghoon Yun ·

My sites are down too

Masha Zvereva ·

My site is down too frown emoticon

Gregor Aitken ·

All my sites are down and I can't access control panel

Sapna Rajput ·

My site's are also down wtf

Felipe Alves ·

All my sites offline in Brazil. Apparently the solution AND EVEN Amazon Web Service

Kane Duke ·

My site is also down

Angger Wisanggeni Roemanto ·

Down as well, for more than 30 minutes
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Nitin Kumar ·

frown emoticon godaddy sucks in india too

Arlingthon Sillie ·

same in the netherlands. ughh
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Azzree Azzeme Azzfa ·

Same situation here in malaysia right now

Javi Gore ·

chulengo.tv (our site) is down. I can't connect via FTP as well.

Diell Dielli

my page is down... fck godaddy, im gonna change you
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The Revue

Our site is down as well, where the connection to the database times out.

Syed Asad ·

All of my sites on multiple accounts and servers are down. I guess all of godaddy servers are having an issue right now. frown emoticon

Amaya Lynx ·

Works at Barclays Bank
My website is also down! Arrgh!

Azzree Azzeme Azzfa ·

malaysia tooo ... so bad.... frown emoticon

Yasir Auleear ·

Shit! Website down. ERR_CONNECTION_TIMEOUT... Losing business..Customer support 48mins WAITING PERIOD!!!!!!

Michael Butterfield

My site is down to.

Janos Nadudvari ·

Nothing connect! Totally down! Godaddy closed the services without notice - maybe. That's not nice!

Raj Rajput ·

same issue in India as well, what to do #GoDaady, who is going to pay for our business loss??
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Lorenzo Magario ·

Website down here too.
I don't think our customers are happy about it.
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Tony Tran ·

My site down .. DB not connect

Diana Anastasia ·

my website is down also...

Blank You

Website down cannot access

Hasibul Kabir ·

My website is down. Godaddy sucks. I hate their hosting. grumpy emoticon

Cedric Philogene

down..my customers are complaining!!

Ravinder Gosain ·

All sites on godaddy are down

Joseph Nova ·

This webpage is not available

Danil Dogadkin ·

gonna migrate

Akila Hennayake ·

Down in Dubai as well..Cannot access Cpanel, server time out it says..

Niraj Karkera

Same here...websites down.. #godaddy whats happening? Please fix. Loosing important business. :`(
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Bilgekaan Asdasd

My website is also went down. WTF!?

Ron Edmonds ·

all websites down. We are paying for clicks that go nowhere!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Do Khanh ·

too bad, my website is unaccessable. Please fix it asap.

Natan-or Kalfa

Hi, My site just went down 40min ago

Tatsat Savsani ·

What the Hell ... my team was working on different site on Godaddy all down... You'll kill me some day

James A Forsman

All websites down

Nina Sae Heng ·

Just called using go daddy pro, they are fixing it and they have no idea how long it is going to take. "Check in a couple of hours."
I just happened to launch my clients first 400+ subscriber email linking them to their website... Which is down!!!!!

Andrea Bayer

In a couple of hours? This shouldn't be!
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Nina Sae Heng ·

Andrea Bayer They have no idea how long it will take, they just told me to check in a few hours. They sound so slack! They are going to lose so much business because of this.
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Hero Jig ·

Ha! I thought it was me, as I just finished a massive overhall of several hosted wordpresses. Phew, glad to see it was not MY fat finger this time. Customer wait, less than advertised 41 minutes... more like 10.

Cedric Philogene

im in the same case..phew! but really the down at the moment my clients are complaning
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Agus Sutirto 吴家新

My website is down too.

Rosca Ionut ·

Site is down again and again and again....

Michele Cioce

my websites are down!

Michele Cioce

My websites are down!

Joseph Nova ·

Site down in Italy..44 minute wait for phone support. Wtf!
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Andrea Bayer

Two different projects get timeout messages

David McKenzie

I just spoke with them, they are fixing this. I was just about to launch a campaign. I am so happy I checked before that the website is up. Is it only on shared hosting or is it on VPS as well?
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Nina Sae Heng ·

youre one of the lucky ones... I just launched an email campaign a couple hours ago on a clients website and its down.
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David McKenzie

Nina Sae Heng I am sorry to hear. I learned always to check the website it up before campaigns.
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Berkman İşçi

Site is down

Matthew Newton Sr.

this is rediculous, this seems to be happening too often with Go Daddy and they dont seem to be the right host for a business. Now emails and no web makes it impossible to run a business.....

Mohamed Salah ·

site down whats going on?

Peter Frederickson ·

Site is down

Duncan Ole Gitonga ·

Websites down, what is hapening godady

David McKenzie

Down as well here, just happened not long ago. Whats going on?

Kelly Kwok

Site is down.

Tom Ato ·

My site is down also
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Janos Nadudvari ·

Down, down - randomly down!
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