January 13, 2016

Global PC Sales Worldwide Fell by a Record 10.6%

According to IDC, in the Q4 2015 global sales of personal computers fell to its lowest level since 2007 by a new record of 10.6 Percent.

The reasons for the downturn in the computer industry began just three powerful negative factors:

  • The weakening of the Chinese economy;
  • Strengthening of the US dollar, due to which computers are more expensive in Europe;
  • And the rapid growth in popularity of Smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices.

IDC estimates PC shipments in the global market in 2015 to 276.2 million units.

"I expect that deliveries for the year to decline by 10.3%, in fact, a decline of 10.4%" - said Jay Chou, an analyst at IDC.

For the first time since 2008 global PC sales fell below 300 million units. In 2008, Chow recalls, on the world market was supplied 299.6 million computers a year earlier - only 270.5 million.


Competing with the IDC research firm Gartner estimates the worldwide PC shipments in 2015 to 288.7 million units., A decrease from the previous year - 8%. In contrast, from IDC, this company takes into account when calculating the sales of not only traditional PCs and tablets.
According to two research firms, in the Q4 shipments decreased all three leading producer - Lenovo, HP and Dell.

Chinese Lenovo maintained its leadership in the industry by placing 15.4 million computers, second-ranked HP - 14,3 mln, Dell - 10,2 Mill.
For HP, it was the first quarter after the division of the business into two separate companies, and it has completed its reduction in supply by 10%.

Dell's supply decreased by 5.7%, at Lenovo - by 4.5%. Meanwhile, the company Asustek Computer, which occupies in the list of the leading manufacturers of the fourth, shipments were up 0.8%, Apple growth was even more pronounced - by 2.8%.
The worsening situation is especially painful blow to smaller companies, which account for about 29% of the global PC market. From suppliers outside the top five, sales declined by 21.9%, as a result of the share of the market leaders has grown even more, despite the drop in sales.

"Dell's share of the global PC market is growing year by year for the past 12 consecutive quarters," - says Dell spokesman David Frink.

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