June 22, 2016

Why Should You Get Hands on the New Dell Chrome Book 13

Things have been changing so fast with the technological advances. People want the best and up to date devices for their use. The Internet has given a tremendous rise to this need as people nowadays do the comprehensive research on the products they want to buy. Do things like reviews about the product aid the user in deciding what to buy?

A variety of chrome books is available more very expensive Chrome book Pixel of worth $1000 to the less expensive Chrome books. Dell Chrome book 13, however, lies between the two and bridges up the gaps whether it is the price or specs. It is far better than the cheaper range of chrome books as they do not have high-quality features like reliable hardware, displays, and warranties.

Things are changing at a much faster pace, and the same trend continued this year as well. Toshiba and Samsung brought many changes in this context by bringing on the models with excellent displays, designs, and features. However, there was some lip service to the real issue, because of the presence of certain flaws in such devices.

Dell first 13-inch Chrome book

Continuing the trend and as the provision of better version above the successors that were 11 inches, Dell has come up with 13 inch display for the first time. There are many reasons for its sustenance and popularity in the market, but the main reason is its OS that everybody is enjoying thoroughly.

Price of 13-inch Google Chrome Book

Though Dell's Chrome book 13 cost is more than the other available chrome books in market, it does have a proper justification for this matter. With the increased price as compared to the rest of Chrome books, it is also assuring the provision of much better and expensive hardware, excellent performance, fantastic battery life and one of the best screens among all the chrome books. For the buyers that are already using the Google’s OS and are completely satisfy with should give a look to this laptop.

Hardware Specification of Chrome Book 13

Some of the features are discussed briefly.

  • Keyboard

The keyboard, trackpad and screen right are being provided with this chrome book. The keyboard is as good as a keyboard on a laptop that costs twice of this.

  • Display

A 13 inch that has 1080 pixel display is being provided. Dell claimed that the best quality of viewing angles is available, and none of the other available laptops have such precision. This sort of the screen is entirely designed for testing purposes. It is 1080p non-touch display.

  • Trackpad

The trackpad is also a complete gratification just like the keyboard. It is highly receptive and has support for multi-touch gestures.

  • Robust audio output

The same quality of the music on the headphone is being heard. Both high and low volumes have the beautiful quality sound without any distortion. It is not of better quality than Toshiba Chrome book two but is much more than what was expected from it.

  • Ports

Dell’s Chrome book 13 provides two USB ports: one is 2.0 and the second is 3.0, an HDMI connection, a headphone jack and a microSD slot.

  • Camera

For video calls, a 720p camera is being provided.

  • Processor

Core i3 or i5 are the two available versions.

  • RAM

Much increased storage up to 32GB, jam in 8GB of RAM or get a model with a touch screen.

For the majority of the customers, it is not beneficial as they do not have such memory needs.


Battery life

The battery life of chrome book 13 is much more than the rest of the chrome books.



  • Solid, expensive hardware, unique design
  • best screen among the Chrome books
  • Long lasting battery
  • Outstanding performance
  • Great backlit keyboard and responsive trackpad


  • OS of is not for all the users
  • More expensive than most other Chrome books



At $429, Dell's Chrome book 13 is in a class of its own.  We cannot make a comparison of most other Chrome books on the basis of fit and finish, display quality, overall hardware and performance. However a comparison of Dell’s 13 chrome book can be made Toshiba's newest Chrome book 2. Toshiba just updated the laptop with a newer Celeron CPU and it's selling for a full $100 less. In the case if more power is required, then a Core i3 processor for the same $429 as Dell's Celeron model is available. The Dell model also feels like a more solid piece of hardware, although Toshiba's screen is probably the better of the two. Much better keyboard and better battery performance with Dell is achieved.

General Specification


It’s the peak time for the chrome books to be in the market as they are providing the extreme good design, expensive hardware and great displays. In this context Dell’s 13 chrome book is much more than a simple laptop.

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