May 4, 2014

German Researchers Discovered Hack Galaxy Nexus by Freezing

If you are the owner of "Google Phone" Galaxy Nexus , which still continues to be very popular with consumers, it is likely that information from your device will be considered criminals, bypassing the usual methods of protection and blocking.However, for this they would need to get access to the mobile device for a very long time, and the smartphone should have unlocked boot loader.

It is reported that researchers at the University of Erlangen in Germany have developed a method that gives the ability to read information directly from RAM. Cooling unit in the freezer for an hour, the scientists were able to significantly extend the storage in memory, and then by simple manipulations to access them, which used a tool FROST (Forensic Recovery Of Scrambled Telephones).

Also, to use this method, you must connect the gadget to a computer running Linux. Moreover, the risk of burglary allegedly threatens not only the Galaxy Nexus, and other Android-smartphone, though, for that they, again, need to lose (or to steal) and pre-unlocked boot loader, which, we note in parentheses is not necessary for most ordinary consumers.

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