GeForce GTX 770 from ELSA with New High Capacity Cooler


Description of the GeForce GTX 770 Hybrid Graphic Card has appeared on the official site of company ELSA. The device will be equipped with a new cooling system called Arctic Accelero Hybrid, with high cooling power.

This system with an aluminum heat sink weighing half a kilo is designed specifically for high-end graphic cards, and resembles a small fan coil. The price is not that much high according to the specifications so it can be purchased separately for about $180.

Video card GeForce-GTX-770 is based on 28-nanometer chip and manufactured by textolite board under the bus PCI-Ehrress 3.0. The capacity or memory in the GTX-770 is 4GB, which has the operating frequency – 7280 MHz (256-bit). New also boasts a half thousand cores CUDA.

It has video outputs HDMI, DisplayPort, DVI (2 pcs.) For connection to a monitor or TV or several screens at the same time is said to be the stronger aspect of this video card.

New device supports compatibility with technologies such as DirectX 11.1 and the number of different features NVIDIA, yet currently the time of the sales of the video card model is not described officially.

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