November 21, 2013

Galaxy Gear After Hacking Allow You to View Web Pages

Smart Watch Galaxy Gear has kind of weight restrictions. In fact, the device can not work independently, without being tied to your phone.

On the other hand, Galaxy Gear, though heavily modified, but is loaded with a full-fledged operating system Google Android, the main advantage of which is its an open source. This gives ample opportunity to modify the firmware to third-party developers. Besides Galaxy Gear have their own ROM.

Galaxy Gear

So, one of the members of the community XDA, hiding under the nickname fOmey, said that he was able to hack the device and ensure that the on-screen Galaxy Gear displayed web pages. Of course, the 1.6 "display of "smart watches" are not very suitable for this purpose, especially when you consider that in the bag from the owner of this accessory, as a rule, is a smartphone with a much larger display. But it would be an extra facility for the Galaxy Gear owner to surf the web directly through Smart Watch immediately.

However, the events of fOmey offers other opportunities. In particular, it has the ability to run third-party applications on the clock, widgets, change the wallpaper and interface. In addition, Galaxy Gear after a break can have access to the network via Bluetooth - capturing the network from the paired smartphone. It works for sure as described by the fOmey only, no one can still and because no one else have tested it. In any case, given the characteristics of Android, the emergence of third-party drivers that enhance the Galaxy Gear, just a matter of time.

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