August 29, 2017

The Galaxy A (2018) with Infinity Screen and Fake iPhone 8

1. Fitbit Ionic officially

Popular manufacturer of fitness accessories has announced its own intelligent "All-in-One" watch. It works under the control of the proprietary Ionic OS and is expected to run over 4 days on a single charge.

The device has a built-in heart rate monitor, GPS and 2.5 GB memory for music and applications. It also supports proximity payments.

2. Galaxy Note 8 now also in pink

Galaxy Note 8 originally debuted in black, gray, gold and blue color. Now the color is pink. At least in Taiwan, because only now a new version has been announced. Her pictures can be seen through the ePrice store.

3. Galaxy A Galaxy (2018) Smartphones with Infinity screens?

On the twitter profile @mmddj_china - the community posting leaks related to Samsung devices - a tweet has appeared suggesting that upcoming smartphones from the popular Galaxy A line may inherit the S8 flagship feature. Speaking of the Infinity screen , a panel of 18.5 aspect ratio and very narrow frame.

4. Messenger Lite turned out to be a bullseye

Messenger Lite is a lighter version of the popular messaging service that first debuted in October last year and globally (and in Poland) in April 2017. As noted by Android Police , the Google Play download count has since then surpassed the 50 million barrier.

5. Galaxy S5 Neo with Android 7.0 Nougat

As reported by SamMobile , Samsung has started the update process of the Galaxy S5 Neo from 2015. First, new software appeared in Canada.

It is surprising that the Galaxy S5 Neo was just a refreshed version of the flagship Galaxy S5, and this update to Nougat was not received.

6. New York police must replace 36,000 phones

As the New York Post learned , the NYPD wants by the end of the year to list 36,000 used by its Lumia officers on the iPhone. Impact on this decision was affected by the recent termination of support for Windows Phone and no update to Windows 10 Mobile.

7. Apple iPhone 8 caught on video

The iPhone 8 did not yet have its official release, but it did not prevent the Chinese in running the copiers. On YouTube you landed a short video, where we can see the clone of the upcoming Apple phone in action.

The counter has even narrow frames surrounding the screen, though not as much as the original leakage.

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