March 21, 2017

Foods To Avoid In Diabetes - A Complete Guide

Diabetes is a worst and chronic disease which has been reached to an epidemic proportion among children and adults worldwide. When uncontrolled, diabetes could result in several serious conditions such as kidney pdiabetes - diabetes imageroblems, heart diseases or it may lead to blindness (I know it’s strange, but it is really true). The most important factor to be considered is the choice of our food. Equally eating the wrong foodstuff can increase the blood sugar level and
also ditch the insulin production. This also promotes the inflam
mation in the body that may raise the risk of disease. Either you are diabetic or not, you must know about the foods to prevent in diabetes. Though knowing about these foods could also act as an alarming situation for pre-diabetics.

Why Are Carbohydrates Considered To Be Very Crucial To Prevent In Diabetes?

Carbohydrates, fats, and proteins are the macronutrients which provide you with energy for development and maintenance. Among these three, the carbohydrates impart highest effect on the blood sugar level. This is because these macro carbs are broken down into simpler sugars and are thus absorbed into the bloodstream. Whenindividuals with diabetes eat the stuff with high carbohydrate concentration at a time, resultantly their blood sugar levels increase to hazardouslyhigh levels. Often, this high level imparts negative effects on the body which may leads to kidney diseases, heart problems, and other related serious health issues. However, maintaining a diet with low carbohydrates can help to prevent the blood sugar level and highly reduce the chances ofgetting diabetes and related complications.

1. Sweetened Beverages:

Beverages especially which are artificially sweetened are the worst choice fordiabetic people. For one glass (350 ml approx.) of sugary beverage contains 36 grams of sugar, which is quite high for diabetic ones. While the same amount of sugar is present in the lemonades and sodas. Also, these beverages are high in fructose contents which are directly linked to the insulin resistance. Although the insulin resistance is the root of diabetes, hence these sugary drinks must be eliminated in diabetes diet.

2. Trans-Fats:

The trans-fats are proved to be extremely unhealthy for the adults. These are produced by the addition of hydrogen to the un-saturated fatty-acids; moreover, this process makes them to be more stable. These industrial trans-fats are generally found in peanut butter, spreads, margarines, frozen dinners, and creamers.

Though trans-fats don’t directly uplift the blood sugar level, but they are linked to increase the diabetes promoters and the problems associated with diabetes. The problems they impart include increased inflammation, increase fat portion in the body, provide insulin resistance as well as lower good HDL-cholesterol. For pre-diabetic ones, the trans-fats increase the diabetes occurrence.

3. White Bread and Rice:

White bread (made up of refined flour) and rice are rich in carbs. Eating these foods has been revealed to meaningfully increase the blood sugar levels in individuals with type 1 as well as type 2 diabetes. In a study, the replacement of white bread with whole flour or high-fiber bread showed to reduce the blood sugar levels significantly in adults with diabetes.

4. Flavored Yogurt:

No doubt that the fat-free plain yogurt is very good for diabetic people. But on the other hand, the flavored or sweetened yogurt with high glycemic index may prove to be a bad choice for them. One cup (250g) of fruity flavored yogurt contains about 50g of sugar. This means that this one cup of flavored yogurt provides almost 82% of the calories which comes from sugar.

5. Sweetened Cereals Or Breakfast Snacks:

Generally, breakfast cereals are extremely processed and comprise of a huge amount of carbohydrates which ultimately means greater glycemic index (GI). Moreover, those breakfast snacks which are purely made from corn starch or refined flour are with the high level of GI. However, the breakfast cereals made up of bran or whole grain could be good or may impart no noticeable harm for diabetic ones. So, whenever you buy a pack for your breakfast, do have a look on its nutritional chart to see the contents of sugar.honey - diabetes image

6. Tea Or Coffee (Sweetened):

In fact, coffee is related with the reduction of diabetes if used by following specified prescription. However, the flavored coffee or tea which is sweetened as well to make the taste is no doubt an amazing drink but again not suitable for diabetic ones. You can take a small amount of tea/coffee a day if you are addicted of it or really have its demand but take it only in the form of free from sugar. You can sometimes use the artificial sweetener such as aspartame. But try to avoid even these artificial flavors to use frequently.

7. Honey:

No doubt, honey is comprised of numerous beneficial compounds and has the curing ability for too many diseases. But here, in diabetes, due to its high glycemic index, this one is again prohibited. Other products in the category of honey include maple syrups and agave nectars are also prohibited in diabetes.honey - diabetes image

8. Dried Fruit:

Dried fruits are the source of high calories with dense nutrients. But unfortunately, with concentrated nutrients it got, its sugar contents also become more concentrated as well. As one-cup of dried grapes contain about 25g of carbohydrates with just 1 gram of fiber. On the other hand, one-cup of raisin contains 110g of carbohydrates with 5 of fiber. Hence, raisin contains carbs more than 3 times than that of grapes do.

9. Fried Potatoes:

Here I don’t mention just the word “French fries” because rather than French fries, there are also a great variety of other fried potatoes. This includes thin sliced chips, fried potato nuggets and yes, of course, the king “finger chips” or French fries which are our most favorite. Rather than the frying process in trans-fats, the potato itself contains a huge amount of starch (carbs). One potato of medium sized along with skin contains 40g of carbohydrates, while just 4 of which are from fiber. This definitely spikes your sugar level up.french fries - diabetes image

10. Fruit Juice:

Eating a whole fruit is better as compared to the fruit juice. As the whole fruit contains a good amount of fiber, but the juice comprises just the high amount of dissolved sugar which is more pathetic for diabetic ones. Either you add sugar or not, fruit juices are always in high glycemic scores, hence impart negative effect for individuals with diabetes.

The List of Foods to Avoid In Diabetes:

  1. Ice-creamdiabetes - diabetes image
  2. Coffee Drinks
  3. Biscuits
  4. Candies
  5. Fruit Juice Beverages
  6. Deep-Fried Food
  7. Bakery Rolls
  8. Restaurant French Fries
  9. Milkshakes (Sweetened)
  10. Purchased Cookies
  11. Fried Chicken
  12. Sugary Tea
  13. Purchased Smoothies
  14. Purchased Doughnuts And Baked Goods
  15. Frozen Meats
  16. Regular Soft Drinks
  17. Purchased Cakes
  18. Sweetened Flavored Water
  19. Pizza And Other Fast Food
  20. Mango
  21. Banana
  22. Grapes
  23. Date Palm

Now it seems to be like every delicious thing in the world is being avoided for diabetic ones. It’s pretty sad! But don’t worry, Read the following article, this contains the foods which you can eat as much as you want with no prohibition.

Super Foods For Diabetes – You Must Know About Them!

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