Is Flexible Display LG G Flex Ready to be Launched?


LG G Flex Smartphone is getting popular with a flexible display. It is the concentration of modern technology. To some extent, the device is a prototype that was issued to demonstrate the capabilities of the company. The device is as said, can be curved to some extent.

Since the technology for manufacturing flexible displays are still very in raw mode, LG G Flex is very expensive and not without some specific problems. In particular, the flexible screen appear smartphone “bubbles.” Small “bumps” are not only noticeable to the touch. You can see defects pretty good as they can be seen on the screen at a certain angle.

LG itself has already said that was aware of the problem even before the smartphone went on sale and the first users have come to declare bubbles appeared. However, despite this, the Korean manufacturer did not warn anyone in advance.

Tilting the phone to a greater extent is what some people have suggested that because of this “bubbles” which began to appear. However, the problem is endemic, so that is likely defects appear themselves. As for the reaction LG, the Korean manufacturer that made a statement, the essence of which is to ensure that the bubbles on the screen – this is not a defect but a design feature. Manufacturer claims that with time they will disappear by themselves. Well, if you do not want to wait, you can just gently press on the crown.

Work such “bumps” do not affect smartphone remains intact, and curved display correctly displays image and responds to touch. So that users who do decide to purchase a unique smartphone, such problems should not worry.