August 27, 2013

Facebook Will Stop Selling Physical Gifts

Social network Facebook will stop selling physical gifts to users, focusing on digital products and gift cards. It is reported by All Things Digital, citing the head of the program presents to Facebook (Lee Linden).

Linden noted that of all the gifts that are purchased by users social networks, the physical goods accounted for less than 20 percent. According to him, the company always focuses on what is most interesting to its users. That is why Facebook refuses to physical gifts and focus on digital products.

Service sales of tangible goods lasted less than a year on Facebook: it first appeared at the end of September 2012. A user who made ​​the gift can choose the color or taste of the goods, and then specify the destination address. The service works only in the U.S.

According to All Things Digital, Facebook partners increase profits on sale of tangible products was negligible. Adding to that it partially connects the rejection of the complexity of the process of service delivery gifts.

Facebook - the largest social network in the world with an audience of over a billion people. In the second quarter of 2013 the company earned 1.81 billion dollars profit.

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