June 5, 2016

Facebook will Disable Instant Messaging from FB App

It is reported on various websites that the giant of the social network websites, Facebook; intends to disable the ability to exchange messages in its mobile application. This step is done to draw attention to the Facebook Messenger app for smartphones and promote users to use Facebook Messenger more often as they have big plans for Messenger app as stated by Mr. Zuckerberg in FBF8.

Soon Facebook users will not be able to exchange messages on their smartphones through a social network app as it uses the web version of Facebook.

This information appeared on the eve of the pages of the news media. Social network developers told that doing this step in order to attract users attention to a new application for Facebook Messenger mobile devices. The representatives of Facebook said that when innovation will earn the user social network will receive the notification about incoming messages in the Facebook Messenger in the main application. Experts are sure that many users will appreciate the innovation as Messenger communication much faster and more convenient.

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