August 19, 2016

Facebook Will Create Competition for Steam Games

Periscope gave the idea to Facebook so they started Facebook Live. Now, Facebook seems to expand their game empire on computer and laptop games. To this end, Zuckerberg's empire, teamed up with the creators of Unity - one of the most popular engines for games and nearly challenging steam powered games.

The latest version of Unity, numbered 5.4 will automatically export their production for the new store Facebook. Coupled with the fact that the Unity engine is free, so that the majority of independent games use it. Facebook can very quickly build a pretty good portfolio, in terms of the number of games offered in Facebook Games Arcade.

According to the plan, Facebook titles that appear on the Facebook Games Arcade are to be directed to more "casual" players. This makes sense - until recently, when the Facebook games were on top, Facebook earned quite a lot of money with Zynga espcacially in 2009 and reaching $250 Million with the popular games like Mafia Wars, Farm Ville in which people bought in app features and powers to level-up quickly. But now bringing those games in direct game browser gives more capability for gamers to play the game only instead playing it on web browser. Steam powered games was having a game portal where all the free and paid games were stacked for users, now many popular games are also available in Facebook Games Arcade.

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