September 18, 2013

Facebook Testing Videos Autoplay in Profile with Video Ads

Facebook began testing video autoplay in versions of its service for mobile devices, paving the way to make the social network of 1,150 million members in an attractive location for lucrative advertisements similar to television.

The videos will be silent when they appear on the news of a Facebook user, but will be expanded and audio to be clicked on, the company published its official blog Thursday.

Only videos uploaded to Facebook by individual users, celebrities and musicians have the AutoPlay during testing, the company said. However, they stressed that it "will consider how to present this to business firms in the future."

The test, which involves a small group of users in the United States, could fuel expectations for video advertising on Facebook. According to several recent media reports, Facebook thinks brands charge between 1 and 2.4 million (between 0.75 and 1.8 million euros) for showing promotional videos 15 seconds in their social network.

Facebook shares reached a new high of $ 45.62 on Thursday as investors anticipated new revenue sources, such as videos and advertisements in popular photo-sharing application Instagram.


The tool will play the videos you have on a wall automatically profile

When making small test before autoplay sell advertising to advertisers, Facebook will ensure that technology is satisfactory and poll the user response.

"How to put videos on upgrades is something that will change the user experience on Facebook (...) wanted to go slow and start with this to see how it works," Facebook spokeswoman Momo Zhou.

The autoplay videos work on Facebook applications for smartphones that have the Google Android operating system and Apple's iOS.

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