May 3, 2014

Facebook Sent to Trial for the Like Button

Social Network Accused of Another Company Already using patented Technologies. Famous Disappear if the button "Like" of Facebook, and How, in General, threatens Social Networks such Proceedings, Business Experts Told FM.

The Claim on the Facebook Social Network was from the Dutch Rembrandt Social Media Company. According to her Representatives, the website Mark Zuckerberg succeeded by using two patented Innovations Programmer Josef Van Der Meer owned Company. Among Them - the button "Like" and function " Share ". Van Der Meer Them patented in 1998, five years before Facebook, and used them to create their social network - Surfbook.

History, Though, Facebook is full of lawsuits, and IT is Unlikely this Will Affect the Company, says Publisher of "Stuff" and "What Hi-Fi" Denis Samsonov: "At first sight, this is still a Patent trolling. If the Company was really Interested in Protecting Trademark ITS and ITS Invention, IT Has Been a Long time before in order to Deal with These Vessels, but That did not happen. Moreover, the Whole Story Facebook, IT is a History of Litigation - for ideas for the interface. The Popularity of Facebook These Proceedings Will not Affect in any way. I am absolutely convinced That the button "Like" Will not be removed, and not for the Sake of suing the Dutch to the button was removed, but Only in order to bask in the popularity of Facebook ».

According to the Air Force, a pilot version was a SurfBook Social diary, where People CAN Share information with Family and Friends, as well as Express Their Attitude to the Published using the "Like". But the Programmer, allegedly, did not manage to bring the idea to fruition before his death in 2004. Plaintiffs believe That Zuckerberg was aware of the Developments Dutchman.

However, Data That SurfBook did use the function "Like", no, says the Founder of the Project Leader of the Project Vyacheslav Semenchuk: "It's very dependent on Those Who Will Lawyers defend IT. And We All know That Facebook Has a very Broad Capabilities, in legal Terms of Support for All of ITS ITS patents and Intellectual property. It is very interesting That the guys said That the Site HAD this Functionality. Although, if you Look at the Site in the Year 2001-2003, this is the Year of Death of Dutch Developer, then, Unfortunately, to Find Mention any of the Buttons "Share" and "Like" Personally I failed. This lawsuit Will not Affect Facebook, and among Ordinary users is Mark Zuckerberg invented the button like, and not respected Dutchman. "

Facebook another patent lawsuit has not yet commented.

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