July 6, 2014

Facebook Purchased LiveRail Video Ad Service

Facebook acquired online video advertising company LiveRail, based in San Francisco, California. Facebook manifests to integrate with LiveRail to monetize ads with the videos on social media websites to generate big revenue every year with the collaboration of LiveRail. Facebook purchased LiveRail to make its advertising platform more stronger in terms of earning revenue with Video Ads while streaming Facebook videos.

LiveRail is a video advertising company in San Francisco city of California which don’t work for producing ads instead they work for placing ad in the relevant videos.

Last year twitter joined hands with MoPub to improve ads plus videos experience for the people who used to watch videos. Now Facebook is joining hands with LiveRail, so that they would make the experience of watching ads before videos for their visitors on social media website of Facebook.

LiveRail delievers 7 Billion ads per month and generated 100 Million $ this year which is 300% more than 2012.

When the question was asked from Facebook by LiveRail, that how would we work together? , their answer was very clear that they would share the concept of future digital advertisements and VPX (video private exchange).

LiveRail earned 1 Billion £ in UK from Mobile ads in 2013 which generated 93% revenue. In 2014 LiveRail generated 6 Billion $ in USA.

The agreement has been signed among both companies but the financial terms of agreement has not been closed yet. According to the rumors this is 400Million $ and 500 Million $. Recent news told us that LiveRail will continue living in San Francisco for a month then Facebook and LiveRail will start integrating their data. LiveRail has round about 200 customers but integration of Facebook and LiveRail would hopefully prove a major successful decision of both companies.

Image Credit: onprenduncafe

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