August 10, 2013

Facebook Plans to Introduce Video Ads

Facebook plans to introduce video ads this fall. It is reported by Wall Street Journal, citing people familiar with the situation. One day, the campaign will cost advertisers about $ 2 million.

The new format of advertising in social networking will be of 15-second videos that will be incorporated in the news feed of users. In Facebook expects that for the year the social network will be able to get a few billion additional revenue. Videos will be shown in the news site. It is reported that Facebook plans to give advertisers the ability to place the rollers in the block, "carousel", which may contain up to three videos that users can scroll through, if interested in the announcement.

Facebook plans to introduce video ads in the fall

Pricing policy provides for different rates depending on the audience, which is planned to cover the advertiser. During major newsmakers, for example Championship Super Bowl, advertising will cost $ 3.8 million per day.

It is reported that several major brands have expressed a desire to become a "pioneer" of new functionality, despite the fact that there is a risk that the investment will not pay off. However, network executives warned of the possibility.

The head of Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg insists on limiting the amount of video advertising. According to him, it will be enough for one roller 20 updates in the news, because the main objective of innovation is not to scare people from resource massive expansion of advertising formats.

Going to buy video advertising will allow Facebook to keep up with other Internet companies such as Google, which places advertisements on the video sharing site YouTube, where advertising is broadcast to show the video.

Source: Liga.Net
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