Facebook New Interface Design “The Chronicle”


World’s largest social network Facebook is testing a new design custom pages “Chronicle” (Timeline), in which large visual tabs “Friends”, “Pictures” and others are replaced with small buttons, reports tehnoblog Mashable.

© RIA Novosti

Facebook has introduced a new profile format “Chronicle” (Timeline) in September 2011 at a conference Facebook F8. Since mid-December 2011 a possibility to connect the “Chronicle” got all the social network users . Rumors about testing new design “Chronicles” go on the market since last year, but major changes are not observed.

Update “Chronicle”, seen Mashable, now available to a limited number of users in New Zealand. Its main distinguishing feature is the replacement of large visual tabs “Friends” and “Photos” small buttons on the panel below the photo-“cover” profile. Other tabs are collected in a drop-down menu on the same panel.

Widget “User Information” is enlarged and placed directly under the profile photo. There also is information on subscribers page user. The left side of the page is placed widget with photos, then – subscription information public pages and applications. The block for the publication status is moved to the right.

Some of the bugs Mashable innovations – such as prompts to subscribe to a particular page associated with the user-published content, navigation, or moving the “Chronicle” – is already available to Russian users. Will there be other updates implemented on a global scale, is not specified.