Facebook introduced a “New Home” for Android


Referred Zuckerberg at a press conference at which he promised to present a “new home” for people interested in Android, and the last couple of weeks, this was the most discussed topic on the Internet.

Users and professionals wondering what exactly will be submitted for review to the public. In the course of these discussions, people were divided into two camps. The first thought that the conference will be presented to the smartphone under its own brand name, and the second that a such a similar version of the mobile platform Android. But in reality, no one was right. Mark Zuckerberg introduced the world to a graphic interface for Android called Facebook Home. In essence, this shell is a suite of applications, the shell replaces the standard display, and output directly on the smartphone screen status updates and photos from news feeds, as well as messages from the chat social network.

Experts suggest that the GUI will be popular and in demand for those people who start their day with a visit to the social network, and do not want to miss a single news throughout the day.

In obochku Facebook Home included the notifications panel, through which will be obtained opertivnost Dunn on the activity of your friends, screen priolzheny, news Corver Feed and Services Chat Heads, which will consist of a program for the exchange of short messages, instant messenger social network Facebook.


Mark Zuckerberg at Facebook Home Presentations

From April 12 «Facebook-shell” is already available for free download. It is worth noting that all established before her programs and games are not going anywhere. Less and complexity will be that shell obochku Facebook Home can only be set to 6 smartphones: Galaxy S III, Galaxy S4, Galaxy Note II, HTC One and HTC One X + and the ownership of the common offspring HTC and social networking smartphone HTC First, which can already preobresti for 99.99 U.S. dollars.