Facebook Interested in Mapping Service Waze


Facebook plans to make a new purchase. It will be a mapping service called “Waze”. It perfectly complements the roadmap for any driver. Each user can instantly get information about where at the moment there are traffic jams, accidents have occurred, are located directly acting police radar. This application plan to implement the social network Facebook. The information is constantly updated, users will be able to be aware of all the details.

Waze - mapping service with lots of features

With the new Facebook app, the company will be able to compete with Google and even Apple. The cost of such a transaction with the pre approximately $ 1 billion. The same amount of money the owners of the social network paid for the photo service Instagram, which was bought in 2012.

Negotiations on the new purchase is not over, but the sources do not provide more precise information. Owners of Waze are already having negotiations for potential buyers, and it has lasted for several months, but the results are not known yet. The most attractive offer came from Facebook, but the social network does not provide comment on the possible deal.

The Israeli company Waze for a long time engaged in the creation of free applications that are used for mobile devices. Community members from Waze permanently fixed location, and like members of Facebook, since the social network will have another source of information about users, and the possibility of targeting advertising will become even wider due to binding to the location of the user.

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