July 11, 2016

Facebook forces users to download Moments Photo App or else it will delete all synced photos

Once again, Facebook is forcing its users to download another one of its apps. After forcing users to download Messenger app, Facebook is now forcing users to download Moments app. Otherwise, it will delete all synced photos of the users.

There have been reports that Facebook is emailing some users to download Moments app. Otherwise, all their synced photos will be deleted. Users are given options to either download Moments app or their synced photos. If the users failed to comply with either of the options, their photos would be permanently deleted.

Photo syncing feature was introduced as an optional feature in Facebook’s core app in 2012. This feature allowed users to save their photos automatically privately on Facebook. The feature has been removed from the core app now and is available in Facebook’s Moment app. The feature was introduced for the users to save their photos and also share them with their friends when needed.

Most people might have forgotten about the syncing feature and might be possible that they are thinking that Facebook is threatening to delete all their photos, but this is not the case. Facebook is only threatening to delete those photos that are automatically synced from the phones. Photos that users have personally uploaded will not be deleted.

Facebook has found this forcing as a great idea to make their apps no. 1 on the app store and play store. Not long ago when Facebook made Messenger app necessary, the messenger app went viral and secured no. 1 position on the app store and play store. The position of Messenger app is still on top in both app store and play store. This move by Facebook to force its users to download Moments is also trending and the Moments have already secured top position in the app store. Moments app was previously in 90’s, and now it is on top after the move by Facebook.

After this move, it is clear that Facebook is going to delete all synced photos if the users do not download Moments app. So, if you have used the auto-syncing feature in the past, you might want to download the Moments app . Otherwise all your synced photos will be gone.

Facebook has not commented on the news yet, but I will post updates whenever Facebook decides to talk about this.

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