Facebook Closes News Application Called Paper


Facebook Company closes its news Paper app of iOS, at start it was very much impressed by the critics, but left unattended wide audience. The app has transformed the basic elements of social network service with customized news sections on politics, technology, food and so on. The Paper cease its work on July 29, as from the App Store application is already gone.

The application, which was submitted in January 2014, was supposed to be a kind of source degeneration Facebook design. However, as the service is perceived and looks, he engaged Mike Matas, whose design company Push Pop Press was brought by the social network in 2011. Paper stands out among other similar applications animation transitions from one material to another: when you click on the link the article unfolded like a letter; pulling down the screen, the user can minimize the material and back to tape.

The application has been recognized among the idealists in terms of design and those who like to use Facebook and see no advertising. However, in spite of the incredible growth of social networking, which this year reached the level of 1.09 billion daily users, the Paper app, according to research firm the App of Annie , from December 2014 never fell to the list of 1500’s most downloaded app for iOS. Division Creative Labs, created the Paper and a number of other experimental products was closed in December. Also earlier this year Mike Matas left the company.

According to Facebook said some ideas Paper moved into its other applications. For the most part this concerns presented in the last year of technology the Instant Articles, allowing you to quickly upload the article. “Using the Paper, we would like to explore new depth, interactive design elements for reading and interaction with content on Facebook, and we know how important these elements when granting people exciting experience “, – the company said in a statement users of the service.