Facebook App: Drains iPhone Battery – Solved


With the advent of smartphones and their vast market has changed a lot of things. Previously things were mainly done by keeping it mind only the domain of web, but smartphones have really turned table. Because people prefer the use of smartphone over laptops, so designers have to think this market as well.

Nowadays it has become the trend plus the need of an hour to launch a smartphone-friendly app of all web based applications. A variety of such Smartphone applications are available on smartphones like Pinterest, Edmodo, Dailymotion, sound club etc.

As Facebook is leading social networking site then how is it possible that it lags behind in following the trends??

Facebook has its smartphone version app as well. That provides the full-fledged functionality of the Facebook. And has provided much more convince to its users as they just have to Login through their smartphones.

The things are not as clear as they seem to be. We can say that Facebook has provided lip service to the real issue.

As it is being suspected that Facebook App is actually draining the battery of iPhones. Last week many of the iPhone users reported that their battery was draining than the usual usage.

Many of the users confirmed it from the battery menu of the iPhone where it was clearly shown that Facebook app is consuming more than usual and the rest of applications.

Now the company by itself has made a statement by agreeing to the matter.

Facebook’s Ari Grant wrote,

“We found a few key issues and have identified additional improvements, some of which are in the version of the app that was released today.”

Responsible factors

Some of the factors have been identified that are responsible for this issue. These factors are listed below.

  • CPU Spin

Facebook’s Ari Grant said that one of the responsible factor for this matter that CPU Spin. It is like repeatedly asking a question and your question does not have any effect in bringing you to what is desired. Same is the case with Facebook App its processing continues in the background irrespective of the fact that it is required or not? Facebook has claimed the release of some updates for the rectification of this issue.

  • Audio Playback

Another reason that seems to be responsible for this issue is way of handling audio playback. The drawback here is that after you have watched any video the video is terminated, but sometimes the audio is not terminated completely and keeps on playing in the background. Nothing productive is really done is this situation, but it really drains the battery out of your iPhone.


Solutions for Battery Drain Problem

There are some solutions for the problems are being described here that will definitely help you out of the issue.

  • Location services

Turning off Facebook Messenger option in the Location Services can help you decrease the overall battery usage by Facebook App. This can be done by going to Settings, tap on Privacy, and choose Location Services. Find Facebook Messenger, and snap the switch and turn off this option

  • Update the app

Things are continuously being updated. Facebook also has declared the release of some updates to resolve the issue. To get the update go to the App Store and check for the available updates. If there are any tap them and get the updated version of the App.

  • Update iOS

Updating your operating system can take you out of many of the bugs. Check for the latest version of iOS and update your OS. It will bring you benefit because updating the OS will automatically resolve the issues you are currently encountering.

  • Factory settings

This is a time-consuming solution. For this, you have to make a backup of your data. This can be done by going to Settings then General then Reset and finally erase all Content and Settings.

By this, you have done factory settings and you will set things up as your device is new.

Some other fixes are available here to extend the battery life for iOS 9 – iOS 9.1.


Some people are claiming that Facebook is merely saying that this bug is an issue, but in reality it is being done with intent.

Facebook have launched an update for resolving the issue, but at the same time Grant said that it will take time to rectify the issue completely.

Article by: Sidra Aleem, Image Credits: iphonehacks.com