March 2, 2013

Facebook Acquired Microsoft Advertising Service Atlas

World's Top Social network Facebook has recently officially announced the acquisition of a software giant Microsoft platform online advertising Atlas. Rumors of the deal went to the recent months, but the acquisition has now been officially announced in Facebook News Room, that it's been completed successfully.

Financial terms of the acquisition were not disclosed. And it is also unknown how many employees are affected by the transaction, but the representatives of Facebook said that Atlas team will continue to be located in Seattle.

Advertising Service Atlas Solutions

It is expected that the technology Atlas will allow social network display advertisements on third-party Web sites, substantially expanding a business. This will make Facebook more successful rival Google and other companies in the market of display advertising.

As analysts, Facebook and Microsoft, which already have partnerships in some areas, began negotiating the sale of Atlas at the end of last year. Microsoft has at its disposal Atlas in a deal to absorb the software giant company aQuantive for about $ 6 billion in 2007.

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