September 12, 2013

Expert Tips: How to Maintain Colored Hair

This is a big difficulty for women & females, no matter what and how you paint your hair; the color will inevitably fade and change. The process can be paused, but for this you need special tools and advice from our experts.

The first the bad news is the color with which you leave the salon, is always different from what "grace" you in a week or two. This is not to blame for any master picked up that tone, nor the manufacturer, who created the dye. Mechanism is pretty simple: the more damaged your hair is, the harder the pigments in them to stay, and the more beautiful you are, the less you have hair curls.

You can reduce capital investment: invest in shampoos, conditioners and hair masks and go to the salon for pampering. Experts believe that in this way you will extend the life of color twice.

Why does this thing work?

The tone of the hair dull and fails to delight, for two reasons:

  1. Affect of the environment and external factors. Wind dries your head scalp and hair all year round, the sun can burn it and the rest is done by you with hair dryers and stylers. And then what? The hair shaft becomes loose and hair get damaged. As a result, the dye and tries to leave.
  2. Hair dye destroys itself (provided that it is stable). We have already said that the girls turn out to blondes brunettes, without breaking their curls, mankind has not yet learned. One consolation is the fact that the dark shades are of less harm than lighter shades, and last longer (according to the laws of chemistry per gram chestnut paint have thousands of times more pigment than for the same amount, for example, the ash).

What to do in the first place?

Now you will know what do, get a a recommended salon near you or in your area, so that you get the best hair treatment.

  • "The trick to preserve color. Today, many salons offer such an option: after staining, while shampooing, apply to the contents of the special locks vials. These products are produced by many brands, one task - to create a layer on the surface of the hair, which is a "ban" pigments in its core. After all, as long as the particles are guaranteed there. You can buy a set of vials and take a course at home.
  • Lamination. It can be ammonia. After being in the upper layer of the hair rather than on the surface. Hence - the more lasting results.
  • Rapid procedure for updating the color. flying direct to the sink. The wizard uses the professional shampoos and conditioners that neutralize yellow or copper undertones. Ideal if your hair bleached and faded. "

Final Conclusion and Tips

Do I need to switch to shampoos, face masks and air conditioners for colored hair, if you still run regularly to the colorist? The answer is Yes, absolutely!

No one denies that in the production of an element of marketing, because the number of women who then turns gray, then stop loving her hair color is steadily increasing. However, the contents of the jars is still different from others, flooded the market. So, in the media for colored curls you will find:

  • components that make up the surface of the hair and close the acidic environment of the scales - that is, do not give the dye "get off" during the first washing of the head;
  • moisturizing agents - they were subdued reared after staining the cuticle to again block the path of pigments;
  • proteins - these comrades into place lost during the bleaching keratin and hair again is smooth and dense;
  • antioxidants - they fight free radicals that destroy the structure of the hair.

After reviewing this list, you're likely to say, and so these components are available in all decent shampoos and conditioners. And you will absolutely right. The whole point of concentration and the presence of chemical substances that would enhance the effect of all the above. This distinguishes shampoo for color-treated hair from the fact that just give them volume.

Credits Photo: GETTY IMAGES / FOTOBANK.RU, STUDIO SIM, Content:, Nikolai Vasilev - Art Director of "Charm Distribution" Elena Pakhomov - Regional technologist Matrix Tracy Hayes - Contributors and International Head of Training Fudge
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