Executive Manager Left Google & Joined China Smartphone Maker


You won’t hear such kind of news very often… Yes! an Executive Manager left Google position and Joined Smartphone Manufacturing company in China. It sound strange for a normal employee but the Vice-President of Google, who supervises the work with products based on Android platform, is leaving his post. The corporation has already confirmed the resignation of Hugo Barra. An American media writes that the next place of employment of Barra is expected in the Chinese Smartphone manufacturing company known as Xiaomi.

It works on the basis of MIUI – the operating system that combines solutions Android and iOS. Barra worked for 5 years in Google Inc.

Questions are arising in the market that Why Google executive goes to the Chinese and left such a strong and multinational company, says an independent expert:

“It will not have a major impact on the development of the platform. Managers come and go, and the products and services remain, perfectly natural decision to move to an adjacent area where somehow his new projects will be directly related to Android. He has the necessary competencies. Android leads the market in China, a move that looks natural and reasonable. The company, in turn, becomes one of the leading experts, strategists in the industry. ”

Who will take the place of Barra at Google, is not yet known. It is possible that changing the very position for this American corporation is going through the structuring, says Director of Digital Development Agency “Rare Brand”.

“At Google, now there is a serious restructuring, and that is why there is a periodic care executives, changing tasks which are the programmers, the company becomes tougher. In terms of business strategy, managers, there can be replaced, but will change at all, if they can do the job position with another functional “- said Google Officials.

Vice president of product management for Google Android Hugo Barra. Photo: Reuters