Exchange Your Old iPad with Microsoft Surface


If you own an Older version of Apple iPad tablets, you will be able to exchange them for new Microsoft Surface. The campaign will last until October 27 of this year and is available to all residents of the U.S. and Canada.

However, as the said publication, with the new tablet may have to also pay extra. Cast your iPad, the client will receive a gift certificate from the face value of $ 200, which you can pay for part of the new Surface. At the moment, the cost of the older model Surface Pro is $ 799, and the youngest RT – $ 349. It is worth noting that until July of this year, Surface RT was offered at a price of $ 499.

How will the value of the gift certificate that will be provided in return for iPad, is not specified. We only know that acceptance will only be given for unlocked device and proper appearance.

Analysts at IDC say that the demand for tablet Surface RT, which was introduced in October 2012, did not meet the expectations of Microsoft. The company was able to market at least 1 million units in the first six months, during all the time sold about 1.5 million is actually two times less than planned.

The purpose of this campaign – to sell off the remains of the plates before the release of the second generation of Surface, which will be presented on September 23rd. And beginning of selling of Surface 2 is scheduled for October 18.

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