The Emergence of DDR4 on the PC market in 2015


The next generation of high-speed memory a little delayed, but not for long.


DDR4 memory standard has become a major topic of discussion at the Intel Developer Forum 2013 (IDF 2013). And yet been expected to change the course of computer usage for the next generation. Gaming PC’s and heavy duty computers including laptops require plenty of system resources on the Runtime required to be used. RAM is the main component that is required to handle such operations to carry out to different parts and hardware of the computer.

The news regarding the possibility of an early appearance in the sale of DDR4 memory came from Intel and Micron, which tried to impress all those that already exist heir DDR3 feels great. How great is still a matter for debate.

The first step will be supplied DDR4 for server systems, and kits for desktops and laptops will be some time later.

“We expect to see DDR4 in desktops and laptops, perhaps, a year after the servers,” explained a representative of Kingston . If this is true, then we should see the gradual emergence of DDR4 in our desktop systems sometime in 2015 – the memory manufacturers are planning to start delivery of server memory next year.

However, Samsung is not so sure as the rapid emergence of a new standard for “Personal Computers”.

On the stand of Samsung, which was introduced a new line of memory, a company spokesman agreed with Kingston on the timing of the appearance of the new standard on the platform of PC, but was determined to somewhat more skeptical.

Samsung suggests that DDR4, is likely to appear in the PC market after 2015. Quite a lot of time in which the PC ecosystem can change significantly.

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