June 17, 2017

Electrical model of eMotion - the latest project Henrika Fiskera

Henrik Fisker is back with a new revolutionary project. It is an electric car that is called emotion, and will be a serious competitor to Tesla cars.

Fisker worked at BMW , Ford and Aston Martin , but his name became widely known, when he created a hybrid model of Karma under its own brand. Unfortunately, he had a sizeable bad luck, including the fact that the entire supply of 338 vehicles were destroyed during Hurricane Sandy. Fisker now returns with a new model.

It is an electric car called the emotion that much on the technical side is different from the example. Tesla , which will compete. It has no traditional batteries, but hybrid super-capacitor. It has to provide coverage 160 km after just 9 minutes. charging . While the full energy supply will allow to move off nearly 650 km.

As in the case of competitors, style is dependent on aerodynamics, and more specifically the fact that the car was streamlined as possible. No wonder then, that Fisker emotion resembles Tesla Model S .

Orders for new car Fisker can be submitted from 30 June 2017., And the premiere will take place on 17 August. However, production will start only in 2019. , So customers will still have to wait a little.

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