November 18, 2016

Is Cholesterol Good or Bad for Your Brain?

Indeed not good? Not necessarily. Although the slogan "high cholesterol" immediately associate us wrong, it really can hurt or help.

Cholesterol can be bad, not only for the heart, but also the efficiency of our mind.

Is Cholesterol Good or Bad for Your Brain?

How Does Cholesterol Effects Your Brain or Mind?


Difference between Bad Cholesterol (LDL) and Good Cholesterol (HDL)

Everything depends on the cholesterol in question. A recent study published in “Circulation” showed that higher levels of “Bad Cholesterol” also described as LDL (Low-density lipoprotein) could harm not only the heart but also weakens the cognitive abilities of man.

In other words, we remember less and analyze less efficiently, react more slowly. When lipids (cholesterol test) indicates that we have too many bad cholesterols in the blood, via changes in the blood vessels affect the efficiency of the mind.

It is different from the “Good Cholesterol” also known as HDL (High-density lipoprotein) is like a sponge that sucks bad cholesterol adjacent to the walls of blood vessels and transports it to the liver where it is possible to remove otherwise it is harmful. There is ample evidence that higher HDL protects against heart diseases and vascular diseases, but there are also studies (e.g., From the University of London) indicating that the higher amount of HDL helps to keep a clear mind and a good memory.

Therefore, experts are reporting that we should not only reduce the level of bad cholesterol but also try to increase the amount of good cholesterol.

Diet to decrease bad cholesterol and increase good cholesterol?

The answer to this is probably which we all know.

In both cases, the key to success is a healthy diet (rich in fish, fiber, smaller portions of meals, eat fresh fruits, drink fresh juices, and limit saturated fats and salt) and most importantly physical activity.

Positive effects in a short time can also be attained if you quit smoking or don’t smoke at all. Since the last cigarette recorded a significant increase in the concentration of good cholesterol in the blood in less than three weeks (!) (Study Biomarker Research). It is believed that smoking cigarette damages the proteins responsible for the breakdown of cholesterol. Quitting the smoking habit causes the proteins begin to operate properly and fulfill the role assigned to them, thereby creating more HDL particles.

The brain needs good cholesterol to function. However, it is important to provide fats in suitable proportions and that they were healthy fats. To find out if we have something to work, you should at least once a year to make lipid blood test, which will assess not only the concentration of total cholesterol but also HDL and LDL.

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