September 22, 2013

Dell Alienware Started Selling New RF Series Notebooks

Gaming laptop Dell Alienware are quad-core Intel Core i7, working in tandem with the graphics card NVIDIA GeForce GTX 700 Series that are optimized specifically for video games. Standard equipment Alienware 18 includes technology NVIDIA SLI (Scalable Link Interface) , which is essential for a two-fold increase in graphics performance.

Dell Alienware

As for the younger model Alienware 14, that it offers the best portability and performance, so at the moment it is the most powerful gaming system with a 14-inches display.

For those who are fond of playing computer games in the format of 3D Vision, the best suitable solution is Alienware 17, which has a display that supports this technology. However, on any of the laptops can also draw, watch HD Movies, or to engage in office affairs. The older model is equipped with a matrix of 18 Alienware Full HD, which is performed in accordance with the technology PLS, which provides wider viewing angles.

As we are already aware of the situation of Dell loosing market and loosing financial stability, this is the best opportunity to overcome the bumps and gain back the market.

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